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Temperature Measurement for Claus Sulfur Recovery Units

Delta Controls temperature sensors reliably protect a Claus thermal reaction furnace and its refractory lining from excessive temperatures. The sensors are specifically designed to provide the utmost resistance to the severe and demanding operating conditions common to the process (corrosive environment, thermal shock, process upsets, very high temperature, vibration and even shifting refractory).

Delta Controls product designs provide freedom from maintenance and maximum uptime resulting in the lowest maintenance costs for SRU plant operations.

This performance is achieved by unique mechanical designs which are the result of over 40 years of evolutionary improvement and adaptation to solve the problems of the Claus Furnace.

Although there may be ancillary uses for the Delta Temperature measurement equipment and accessories, they are specifically designed and marketed exclusively for the Claus Furnace; Delta attempts to serve no other temperature measurement applications.




The Delta Controls Model HTP Thermocouple is designed to measure high temperatures under the extremely severe conditions of a Claus Thermal Reaction Furnace reliably and accurately for years without maintenance.


The Delta Controls Model HTX Thermocouple is functionally identical to the model HTP shown above but with ATEX compliance. The weld-free design of the model HTX reduces the regulatory documentation burden by eliminating all weld inspection requirements and certifications.


The CLAUSTEMP® Model HIR Infrared Temperature Transmitter "looks" into the Claus Reaction Furnace and senses the amount and spectrum of the infrared energy being emitted relative to the heat. The sensed energy is converted into a signal which accurately displays the temperature. The CLAUSTEMP® Model HIR is nearly maintenance free; the steam jacketed lens body maintains its sensing lens assembly at a high enough temperature to avoid sulfur buildup and interior coating of the lens window glass, reducing the need for maintenance or procuring “back-up” units.



The CLAUSTEMP® Model HIP Handheld Pyrometer is a great tool for troubleshooting temperature measurement issues and calibrating Claus Furnace pyrometers. Use it to look into furnace sight ports and pyrometer lens windows. Dual wavelength ratiometric measurement ignores flames, partial nozzle obstructions or moderately coated lens windows to accurately measure refractory temperature.


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